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Life-Blend bu Styla, il materiale resistente ai raggi UV

Our Life-Blend® is stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. This key feature prevents degradation and discoloration, keeping your wall protectors looking vibrant and new for years.

Internal production as a guarantee of speed and reliability

We are aware of the importance of delivery times in the construction industry.

Thanks to our production capacity and the efficiency of our processes, we are able to guarantee rapid production and reliable delivery times, allowing your customers to meet their project deadlines.

Wall protections for retirement homes: RSA Gorrieri of Modena

We are excited to share one of our latest projects carried out at the RSA Gorrieri in Modena, managed by Domus Assistenza soc. coop. soc.
The departments were painted with colorful and vibrant colours, a targeted strategy to identify the different areas and positively stimulate guests.
The challenge was to maintain this liveliness without compromising functionality.

Wall protections for nurseries and nursery schools

Transform nurseries and nursery schools into safe and colorful spaces with Styla
In the lively and playful world of kindergartens, every day is a new adventure. But with great adventures come great challenges: walls and doors often bear the marks of the frenetic activities of little ones. Icona di Verificata con community

Our history: 2007

2007 significantly marks the history of Styla. In this milestone year, we took a bold step in acquiring our first PVC profile extruder, a strategic move that marked the beginning of a new era of manufacturing autonomy.

Wall protections for healthcare facilities: why choose Styla?

Why Choose Styla for Your Healthcare Facility?
Innovative materials:
We use Life-Blend®, a high-quality polycarbonate composite, to offer impact-resistant, easy-to-clean and antimicrobial products, essential for maintaining high hygiene standards.

Life-Blend: a chemical resistant material

Why choose Life-blend for your wall protections?
LIFE-BLEND is a polycarbonate-based compound which, in addition to offering maximum resistance and safety for environments, is also RESISTANT TO CHEMICAL AGENTS.

Whether it is intensive sanitization in hospitals, frequent cleaning in schools, or exposure to substances in industrial environments, Life Blend maintains integrity and aesthetics without compromise.

This advanced material not only guarantees exceptional durability and reduced maintenance but also contributes to the safety of environments, effectively resisting contamination and degradation.

The ideal choice for those looking for durable solutions that do not require sacrifices in terms of design or functionality.

Choosing Styla means opting for innovative and design materials, without sacrificing practicality and durability.

Endless color combinations

Personalize each project with a boundless color palette
Thanks to our internal production, we open the doors to infinite possibilities of color customization.

Whether it is a project in the school, healthcare or business world, true customization starts with the choice of colors.

Our color range ranges from the brightest and boldest tones to delicate and minimalist ones, guaranteeing perfect harmony for any type of environment.

Colors have the power to influence mood, evoke serenity or stimulate energy. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Wall protections for nursing homes: Rsa Rapagnano, Fermo

Projects we are proud of
We are excited to share with you one of our latest works at the RSA located in Rapagnano, in the province of Fermo.

For this project, we supplied and installed our AHL.40 handrails and CGL corner protectors.

No to PVC wall protections

Why Choose Polycarbonate Instead of PVC for Wall Protections?
In the world of wall protection, choosing the right material makes a big difference. This is why at Styla we opted for polycarbonate, overcoming traditional PVC.

Superior Strength and Durability

Custom printed sheets

Every healthcare environment can be transformed into a welcoming and relaxing space with customized sheets

Healing colors and design
Imagine entering a pediatric ward and being greeted by lively walls, with joyful illustrations that tell stories of courage and adventure.
Our customized plates allow exactly this: transforming sterile spaces into places of hope and comfort for young patients and their families.

Creating Oases of Serenity
Not only for children, but also for adults and healthcare workers, our solutions offer a visual refuge from the hospital routine.
Calming colors, natural textures, and tailored details can make the difference in making spaces less cramped and more relaxing.

Wall protections for healthcare companies: Ruggi Hospital, Salerno

We are excited to share one of our latest projects created in collaboration with Soul Health Solutions, our reseller in Campania.
At the Salerno Hospital, we installed our two-tone BH.170 bumper handrails.
The BH.170 handrails represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Not only do they offer essential support to patients and staff, they help create a safer and more welcoming hospital environment.

Styla: the creation of a new idea of ​​wall protection

It was 2001 when Styla Wall Protection was founded as a “spin off” company of Seberg.

From the beginning, our goal was clear: to establish ourselves as a leader both nationally and internationally in the wall protection market.

Rsa Le Terrazze, Turin: wall protection with SH slabs

We are excited to share with you one of our latest works at the RSA “Le Terrazze” in Turin.

Before the Intervention: The photographs clearly show the damage suffered by the walls just 3 months after a previous repainting job, due to the daily wear and tear caused by prams and trolleys.

Tailor-made solutions for healthcare facilities

Do you want to improve the safety and efficiency of your healthcare facility?

Our wall protectors and handrails are designed to adapt to all intensities of impact and wear, racing

Responsible Innovation: Styla PFAS-Free Products

At Styla, safety and respect for the environment are at the heart of everything we do. For this reason our materials are totally PFAS-Free, in line with the most recent European Union regulations.
Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widely used in the industrial sector due to their low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness and resistance to acid aggression.

BH.170 bumper handrail for Salerno Hospital

We are excited to share one of our latest projects created in collaboration with Soul Health Solutions, our reseller in Campania.
At the Salerno Hospital, we installed our two-tone BH.170 bumper handrails.
The BH.170 handrails represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Not only do they offer essential support to patients and staff, they help create a safer and more welcoming hospital environment.

Impact resistant life-blend

Why choose the Styla Life-blend® panel?
Because it offers extraordinary resistance to impacts!
Durability Without Compromise
Life-blend®, our exclusive material, combines the strength of polycarbonate with fire resistance, ensuring uncompromising durability.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Christmas period is upon us, we take advantage of this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We remind you that our offices will be closed from December 23rd to January 7th, inclusive.

Are you an architect? Collaborate with us!

The design of highly frequented environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes, gyms and bathrooms requires a synergy between aesthetics and functionality.

This is why we at Styla collaborate closely with architects and professionals in the sector. Their creative vision and our solid technical experience intertwine, resulting in unique and innovative solutions.

We work together to provide tailor-made solutions, with support throughout the entire creative process and ongoing assistance from concept to installation.

HL40 handrail for RSA Ai Lecci di Prato

We are excited to share one of our latest projects at the new RSA “Ai Lecci” in Prato.
In the corridors and stairs of this RSA we have installed our HL.40 handrail, which in addition to ensuring safety, offers a modern design and reliable durability.

Saudi Build Fair in Riyadh: at the heart of construction innovation

At Saudi Build in Riyadh: in the Heart of Construction Innovation
We successfully participated in Saudi Build in Riyadh, one of the most prestigious trade fairs in the building materials sector.
During the 33rd edition of this recently concluded event, we had the privilege of meeting and getting to know numerous industry professionals, including distributors, buyers, designers, consultants and engineers.

Transform environments with digital film printing

Transformation of the MRI room environment in Pieve di Coriano (Mantua)
The MRI exam is often a source of anxiety for patients.
This is why we committed ourselves to transforming the room so that the usually anonymous environment became welcoming and reassuring,
helping to reassure those who go there.

Life-blend vs. PVC

Life-Blend® Vs. PVC: Make the right choice!
Unlike PVC (polyvinyl chloride), known for its harmful emissions in case of fire, Life-Blend® is free of these toxic substances.

Colors and finishes on request

EXPRESS YOUR STYLE WITH COLORS Colors are much more than simple shades; they are the language of the environment. With Styla, you can give voice to your design projects and transform spaces. Our in-house production allows us to offer a world of color possibilities.

VOC Certification

This acronym stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and the certification measures the quantity of volatile organic compounds released by a product; the higher the class, the healthier the product.
Our Life Blend wall protections have reached class A+, the highest possible level.

Customized plates

At the Territorial Social Health Authority of Mantua we recently installed a customized wall plate, and the result is simply extraordinary.
Customized slabs not only perform a protective function for walls, but transform spaces into true works of art.

Custom printed sheets for unique environments

Why to choose printed wall sheets?
Custom printed sheets are the key to creating unique environments and reflecting your creative vision.

Unlimited Creativity:
With custom sheets, you have complete control over sizes, colors, finishes and details.:
You can bring your ideas to life and transform Icona di Verificata con community

Bumpers and corner guards for Grand Hyatt Kuwait

We are excited to share one of our successful international projects. The Grand Hyatt Kuwait hotel in Kuwait City has chosen Styla as a supplier of high quality wall protection solutions.

Summer closing 2023

Styla will be closed from August 7 to 27.

Wood-effect handrail for the stairs of “Maria Rossi” ONLUS Foundation

In the structure of “Maria Rossi” Foundation in Fregona (TV) we chose WHL.40 wood-effect handrail, finished using Dip-print® technology to reproduce a birch wood hue.

Protect yourself and the environment: choose wall protections made with LIFE-BLEND®, a safe and non-toxic alternative to PVC

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Cittadella dell’Accoglienza in Riva del Garda – HWS.34 handrail and P.200 bumper

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Christmas Holydays

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New residence for elder people I.S.V.O. San Donà di Piave (VE)

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TD Styla separating curtains and supports: privacy without encumbrance.

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Styla participates in THE BIG 5, an international fair in DUBAI

From 5th to 8th December Styla will be present at THE BIG 5, International Building & Construction show.
We are in Hall 6, Stand 6B261
Inglese We are waiting for you!

I.T.R. San Raffaele Hospital (MI) – Renovation of “Dimer” rehabilitation medicine department.

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Nursing home “B. Palazzolo” in Bergamo – SH wall coverings and bumper handrail BH.140

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RSA “San Celso” Milano – Wood effect handrail WHL.40 and handrail wood-steel HWS.34.

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Questo articolo è disponibile anche in: Italiano