Bathroom equipments

Conceived to meet bathroom safety requirements

Our products are designed to offer high quality stylish bathroom safety solutions for hospitals, healthcare centres and the general public.

The fastening systems conceived make them easy to install; smooth, rounded lines with no sharp edges prevent the accumulation of dirt, simplifying cleaning; equipped with anti-theft system.

The nylon used to make them is a high-quality polyamide which distinguishes all our products and makes them unique in terms of beauty and texture.

Crafted and coloured in paste, our nylon is very strong, shatterproof and resistant to time and general wear and tear.

The smooth and porous surface of our products prevents bacteria from nesting on it.

The perfect closure of the fastenings allows easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

The standard and pastel colours have been chosen to enhance these products and make them suitable for use in any context, in attractive, non-invasive shades.

The key characteristics of these products are quality and functionality.

The pride of the product

With this spirit, every day our staff create unique products distinguished by high aesthetic content and excellent manufacturing quality.

We make safety aids for the bathroom and the most beautifully designed bathroom accessories, to make the bathroom safe and attractive, and to offer special architectural solutions, sustaining the philosophy of Italian Quality.