our SH sheets comply with all European standards relating to wall coverings (EN 15102: 2007 + A1: 2011)

The presence of recycled aluminum is guaranteed in our products.

European Classification

Life-blend® fire rating Euroclas “B-s1, d0” is certified in accordance to european standard procedure gived by the references EN ISO 11925-2:2002 e EN 13823:2002.

Non toxic fumes

Life-blend® is specifically designed to avoid the emission of toxic fumes, it is PVC free and does not contain halogens, bromine, chlorine and phthalates.

Flame retardant

Life-blend® is a tested flame-retardant material and does not contain brominated or halogenated retardants.


Life-blend® is suitable for use in medical fields as it is BACTERIOSTATIC certfied, that means able to prevent proliferation of bacterial on its surfaces.

Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Life-blend® is completely recyclable, and any scrap can be reused.

Chemical resistant

Life-blend® offers a high level of chemical resistance to many types of chemical agents.


Life-blend® material is stable and highly resistant to UV and long lasting.

High impact tested

Life-blend® is designed to withstand impacts, scratches and gouges.

Easy clean

Life-blend® is non porous and easily cleaned.


  • EN 13823 EN ISO 11925-2 “B-s1,d0”.
  • Antibacterial certification for medical use.
  • VOC CERTIFICATION Life-blend® complies with the highest VOC emissions standards, contributing to the healthiness of the environments.


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