CORNER guardS CG.55

Life-blend® corner guard with a slight embossed finish and an aluminium retainer for shock absorption, with top and bottom Life-blend® end caps, non-toxic and antibacterial.

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Slight embossed surface to ensure a perfect combination between hygiene and scratch resistance.


Thanks to the Life-blend® flexibility, the cover, after impact, returns to its original form.


To guarantee the highest hygiene, this product has top and bottom end caps and no open parts, where dust and dirt can build up.


The sturdy continuous aluminium retainer, to be fixed directly to the wall with dowels, ensures stability and durability.


The Life-blend® cover, snapped on the aluminium retainer, is easy to change.

  • Fire reaction B s1 d0
  • Self-extinguishing
  • PVC-free
  • Non-toxic fumes
  • Medical use
  • VOC non-toxic certified
  • Shockproof

Certification ReMade in Italy

The product complies with the “Remade in Italy” specification, making the product compliant with the minimum environmental criteria (CAM) and contributing to the sustainability of buildings according to LEED standards.

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