Item specifications

Skirting with sanitary coving SK.100

Supply and installation of a 100 mm high, floor / wall connection with sanitary coving, antibacterial, non-toxic.

Composed of:

  • Extruded 100 mm high, shock-resistant newly developed LIFE-BLEND® plastic profile. Certified European EN 13823 and EN ISO 11925-2 “B-s1,d0” antibacterial certification for medical purposes, with a thickness of 2 mm.
  • Internal and external angular molded corners, shock-resistant plastic design of new concept LIFE-BLEND®.
  • With fine embossing for a perfect sanitary protection.
  • Plastic pigments not containing cadmium or heavy metals, chlorine, phthalates, bromide, halogens or antimony, are amalgamated with the plastic substance.
  • Mounted on the wall with appropriate glue suitable for a perfect seal.


  • – EN 13823 ed EN ISO 11925-2 “B-s1,d0”.
  • – Antibacterial certification for medical purposes.

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