Fire reaction normative is one of the most relevant norms in wall protection sector, but what are the exact significance of the acronyms indicated on products? A clarification

First, there’re two norms, the Italian norm and the EU norm:

The Italian norm (D.M. 26/06/1984) provides a class division, from 1 (incombustible materials) to 5 (extremely flammable materials), without other indications.

The EU norm (EN 13501-1) is more specific, with 3 main indicators:

1) Combustibility, from A (incombustible) to F (combustible and easily flammable)

2) Smoke production, from s1 (very low smoke production) to s3 (no limits to smoke production)

3) Dripping, from d0 (no droplets or burning particles) to d2 (no limits or burning particles)

Styla, to guarantee the highest quality and safety, only makes wall protections with the maximum fire reaction class achievable by plastic materials:

B (combustible but not flammable)

s1 (very low smoke production)

d0 (no droplets or burning particles)

Fire reaction

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