2007 significantly marks the history of Styla.
In this milestone year, we took a bold step in acquiring our first PVC profile extruder, a strategic move that marked the beginning of a new era of manufacturing autonomy.
With the introduction of the extruder, Styla gained the ability to directly produce a large portion of its product catalog.
This has not only improved our operational efficiency, but has also opened the door to greater freedom in the research and development of new solutions.

Our ability to produce in-house has significantly improved flexibility and responsiveness to market needs.
From that moment, we began to explore new materials, new shapes and new manufacturing techniques, always with the aim of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Oggi, guardiamo al 2007 come all’anno che ha definitivamente consolidato il nostro impegno verso l’innovazione e la qualità.

We are proud of the path undertaken and, with enthusiasm, we look forward to new achievements.

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