Why choose the Styla Life-blend® panel?
Because it offers extraordinary resistance to impacts!

Durability Without Compromise
Life-blend®, our exclusive material, combines the strength of polycarbonate with fire resistance, ensuring uncompromising durability.

Why it is important?
In healthcare sectors and high-traffic environments, walls are subjected to constant wear and tear. Life-blend® not only effectively protects against accidental impacts but also maintains its structural integrity over time.

Safe Healthcare Environments
In healthcare facilities, where safety and hygiene are priorities, Life-blend® proves essential. Impact resistant and easy to clean, it ensures a safe and uncompromising environment.

Versatility Without Limits
Life-blend® can be customized to fit different design needs, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing environment without sacrificing strength.

In addition to its performance, Life-blend® is sustainable and PVC-free, reflecting our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.

Choose safety, durability and sustainability with Life-blend®.

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