Why Choose Polycarbonate Instead of PVC for Wall Protections?
In the world of wall protection, choosing the right material makes a big difference. This is why at Styla we opted for polycarbonate, overcoming traditional PVC.

Superior Strength and Durability
Polycarbonate is known for its exceptional impact resistance, superior to that of PVC. This makes it ideal for high-traffic environments, where protection against bumps and scratches is essential.

Fire Safety
Unlike PVC, polycarbonate offers better performance in terms of fire resistance. This material is less inclined to spread flames, thus contributing to the safety of the environments in which it is installed.

Environmental sustainability
Polycarbonate is a more sustainable choice than PVC. It is more easily recyclable and its production has a lower environmental impact, in line with our commitment to protecting the planet.

Design versatility
Thanks to its transparency and the possibility of being mass-coloured, polycarbonate offers a wide range of aesthetic options. This allows for greater creative freedom in the design of wall protections, allowing them to adapt perfectly to any environment.

Easy Maintenance
Polycarbonate surfaces are smooth and non-porous, making them easy to clean and maintain, and resist stains and chemicals better over time than PVC.

At Styla, we believe that the choice of polycarbonate for wall protection represents the best solution in terms of performance, aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

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