We are excited to share with you one of our latest works at the RSA “Le Terrazze” in Turin.

Before the Intervention: The photographs clearly show the damage suffered by the walls just 3 months after a previous repainting job, due to the daily wear and tear caused by prams and trolleys.

After the Intervention: Thanks to the installation of our SH sheets, the walls are completely protected from normal wear, ensuring unprecedented durability and resistance.

Hygiene and Safety: Not only do SH sheets protect the walls, but thanks to their antibacterial nature, they significantly contribute to the hygiene of the structure.

This aspect is fundamental in an environment like the RSA, where cleanliness and infection prevention are priorities.

With this intervention, we have demonstrated that it is possible to combine aesthetics, functionality and hygiene.

The RSA “Le Terrazze” can now benefit from safer, more durable and easier to sanitize environments.

We are proud to have contributed to improving the quality of life of those who live and work in this facility.

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