The architectural element most subject to impacts and wear is the junction of two walls.


Immediately after the completion of a building, marks and scratches will appear on the edges, up to the actual detachment of rubble in the most serious cases. Unfortunately this is unavoidable since, by their nature, corners are usually at the center of transit areas.

Finally, damaged corners and walls are very difficult to sanitize, since bacteria and pathogens nest in the recesses of the scratches that disinfectants struggle to reach.


To overcome all these problems, Styla protects your corners with a wide range of corner guards:


To start we have CGL corner guards, easy to install and suitable for any environment.


For areas with higher traffic intensity we have the CG corner guards, with aluminum core, very resistant and ideal for areas such as corridors of clinics and hospitals.


Finally, we have CGS stainless steel corner guards, extremely resistant and also ideal for aggressive environments such as kitchens and swimming pools.


All corner guards are available in our color range and made of Life-Blend, a PVC free material with excellent technical characteristics.

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