The design of highly frequented environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes, gyms and bathrooms requires a synergy between aesthetics and functionality.

This is why we at Styla collaborate closely with architects and professionals in the sector. Their creative vision and our solid technical experience intertwine, resulting in unique and innovative solutions.

We work together to provide tailor-made solutions, with support throughout the entire creative process and ongoing assistance from concept to installation.

Are you an architect?

By collaborating with Styla you can count on a partner who guarantees the highest quality of materials.

We produce only in our factories in Italy, and we only use Life-Blend®, an innovative material that combines the durability of polycarbonate with superior fire resistance, all without the use of PVC.

Our certifications, including the prestigious Bs1d0, demonstrate our commitment to excellence and safety.

We are sure that the beauty, safety and functionality of our products will convince you to rely on Styla for your projects.

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