Projects we are proud of
We are excited to share one of our latest projects carried out at the RSA Gorrieri in Modena, managed by Domus Assistenza soc. coop. soc.
The departments were painted with colorful and vibrant colours, a targeted strategy to identify the different areas and positively stimulate guests.
The challenge was to maintain this liveliness without compromising functionality.
We chose our HL.40 handrail in snow, a neutral shade that does not contrast with the bright colors of the walls, preserving the aesthetics of the interior design.
Furthermore, to protect the walls from the daily impacts of stretchers and wheelchairs, an SH wall covering was installed, also in a neutral colour, guaranteeing protection and discretion.

We are proud to have contributed to improving the quality of life in RSA Gorrieri and we continue to strive to make each environment not only safer, but also more pleasant and stimulating.

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